Jane and Tiff are off to Donigton!!!!!!!!!!
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    [drupal=158]Jane and Tiff are off to Donigton!!!!!!!!!![/drupal]

    As we get back from honeymoon the download festival kicks off on the friday so guess were we are going!!!!!!!!!!!Tiff has said we can have one last big blast out before we move - so we just have to wait until 30th Jan until the line up is announced!!
  • Sounds like a pretty sweet deal and a great way to spend your first moments back home together.:)
  • maybe not!!

    Got the line up for the 3 day weekend. Headliners are

    Friday - My Chemical Romance

    Saturday - Linkin Park

    Sunday - Iron Maiden

    Very poor line up for the main attraction, apart from Iron Maiden which are just so-so in my books, but the had the balls to "treat" there fans on there current tour in November-January to play there current album "Matter of Life & Death" in it's full entirity trying to better Metallica doing "Master of Puppets" on their 2006 Summer festival "escape from the studio '06". Pity the album was 70 minutes of pants!

    Linkin Park has had no material since 2003 and saw them in 2004 & were bad. There new album should be out soon & produced by legendary Rick Rubin (doing metallica's new material as well) but don't think there can cut it again.

    My Chemical Romance - blasted EMO's!! bad live, very bad live, can't hold his voice to save his life & giant's like Slayer & Machine Head who have got over 15 years of material & experience didn't even get a sniff at the main headline.

    Were not splashing out