Ice Storm Devastation
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    Two weeks ago today, my home state of Oklahoma (which is not known for harsh winters) was hit by an ice storm. It knocked down power and utility poles for hundreds of miles. Over 100,000 people in the state were without power at one point. Our entire town was without electricity. There are still people without power today.My experience was typical of what most went through in our town. We had no electricity for over a week. Our house is all electric so we had no way to keep warm. With temps below freezing outside, it wasn't long before the house became an icebox.
  • Good to hear everyone is OK there, Chris.

    We get somewhat used to something like that happening up here in Canada- haven't had to make use of the generator for some time, though.
  • Good gracious Chris! You certainly had quite an ordeal there. Glad the stuff with your mother in law worked out. I can only echo your thoughts that it must have truly been a godsend.;)

    Glad everyone in your family is okay!

    Reading a story like this makes me thankful I'm in California where our winters are just as warm as the summers so we don't have to deal with ice...:( However, we did have a flashflood in my hometown a few years back. Pretty scary stuff.