• The power to my slim ps2 keeps on coming on and off. I have to jiggle the power cord in the back to get it to come back on. Sometimes it lasts for hours, sometimes it lasts for five minutes.

    I've looked at the power cord, and the yellow tip seems a little chewed up but is okay other than that. I don't know what the inside of the power socket in the ps2 is supposed to look like. The connecting surface that connects to the outside of the power cord (I think the ground) looks a little depressed to me, but I'm not sure.

    Any ideas? I'm assuming its a lost cause, but I thought I'd see if there are any comments here.

    Its probably just my imagination, but I seem to have more trouble when playing movies than games. Does it heat up more or vibrate more when this is happening?

    Thanks for any help.
  • I would say you may have a loose connection inside that power cable- I would recommend replacing it as soon as possible.

    You may get a slight bit more heat from playing a movie as the disc is being constantly accessed while a PS2 loads so much into memory and goes from there. However, it wouldn't be that much over the length of time to affect anything.