Gex -- stuck at first boss level
  • My 7 year-old daughter is trying to play a PlayStation copy of Gex. She has successfully fought her way to the first boss level....but cannot complete the level. The level is called "Spin and Puke". She can handle the "spin" part (whacking some skulls with the tail) but is at a loss at how to handle the "puke" part. Can anyone help?

    I've been unable to find a walk-through for Gex. If someone can point to one, that would help as well.

    Thank you in advance!!
  • Oops!

    After over 72 frustrating hours spent wrestling with the Puke part, my daughter just had a breakthrough. It turns out that if you hit "the lady" six (6) times, you beat the level. I have just been informed that we have just entered the second level. < big smiles >

    If anyone has a walk-through (or knows where one is) for Gex, please let me know.

    Thanks again.
  • Glad to hear you (or rather, your daughter) got things figured out on that one. Most of the end bosses will be this way- a few whacks and they are toast, just avoid their own attacks on you.

    We really aren't allowed to link to other gaming sites but next time you run into a snag feel free to post it and we'll try to get things figured out.