• hi i just bought a ps3 jap import and i'm have major trouble trying to go online!!!
    i go through all of my internet settings and the screen obtains the ip address no problem.
    But the internet connection fails!!! the it says an error occured while resolving the name with the server(80710101). what is this!!
    I have no idea what all the techno jargon in about DNS servers, i just wanna know how to get this online.

    Also i cannot seem to play any Dvd's or my old Ps2 games, do i need to download a patch?

  • The DNS servers, Subnet mask, etc. info should be found either from your internet provider or in your router settings if you are using one.

    As for the DVDs and PS2 games, they won't work. The PS3 is only region free for PlayStation 3 games- everything else still has the region coding in full effect.
  • listen lad i know i'm gonna sound like a right cabbage but how would i get a look at my router settings?:confused: the iternet provider over here is crap!!
    i'm using a windows laptop at he moment is it helps.
  • If you are using a router at home the instructions with it would have given you an address to go to on the web browser (most D-Link routers use, Linksys uses in most cases). As I said, you could also call your internet provider and get the information from them.