Adaptor for playstation 1
  • Hi,
    I recently bought a playstation from ebay for my 2 kids and am trying to hook it up and having problems. When I plug everthing in, it won't work. I did have it going on another tv set, but I have a digital cable box for one tv and have tried every possible combination to plug it in with no results. Can anyone help? Do I possibly need some kind of adaptor?

    I have never owned one before or set one up, so the simpler, the better- i'm at a loss

  • It would help to know a bit more about your set up there with the tv. Which plug is the cable box currently going into, how many inputs on your tv, any extra inputs on the cable box, that sort of thing.

    If the single jack on the tv is free where an antennae cable would normally go you could hook up into that using an RF Adapter. You should be able to still find one at Radio Shack or possibly a used game store.
  • Thanks for your reply. I'll take a look tonight and check back in with you tomorrow.