• I'm trying to do this stupid Butterfly Catching Mini gam but it's impossible! Is there a code where i get rid of the red butterflies ot get more time? I have the map but it don't help one bit!:eek:
  • LadyDaggeron! Sorry about the hardness of the catching game. Minigames are definately frustrating.

    I have never played FFX, but I have talked with Scott W STAFF (member of the Cheat Squad) and he says that there are no cheats that are for the Butterfly Catching game.:( I even checked for a game shark code for the mini game and came up with nothing.

    Sadly, I hate to inform you that there are no codes. Sorry.:(
  • I remember that one. It is a pain in the neck, but hang in there....it will be worth it at the end.
  • well u no what i say i say it suks and i dnt care cuz my kimarhi is weakest in my stats hes got 4000 hp and hes attck is like 40 and hes useless
  • k i need some help i am towards the end of the game fighting sin i get to the part where hes face on but i cant kill him before he uses his big attack and kills all my people
  • He starts off far away and doesnt attack until he gets close-up to you...While he is far away you can only hit him with magic, so have Lu-Lu use her most powerful magic against him at this time, and also use this opportunity to start casting support magic for the rest of your party. A good strategy is to also start summoning Aeons which can also hit him when he's far away.
    Keep using that strategy until he moves in close enough to start hitting you. When he's close enough go all-out and hit him with all of your most powerful characters. Maybe hit him with an armor-break so that all your strongest physical fighters damage will skyrocket. He will also start attacking you so ensure you have auto-med so you wont have to worry to much about anything else except hitting him as hard and as fast as possible!...

    Good luck.....!..:)