USB Connectivity for Network Adapters
  • Well I purchased my Sony external Network Adapter, have my Disk and code and all looks good. I look at by UK BT (the main link supplier-millions sold) broadband connection modem and its a USB end. No USB provision on the Network Adapter. As its in the next room, my plan of attack is get a new Modem/Router which I do and thats working fine, now lets play online...oh no another issue. The client end Wi-Fi is USB and of course no USB provision on the damn Network Adapter.
    After spending the cost of new PS2, I'm fed up and have resided to the fact I will never play online.

    The only answer seems to be if there is a manufacturer thats built a Network Adapter that fits into the back of the PS2 as it should, but provides not just a Ethernet Connection but USB as well. Anyone known of such a thing?:huh:
  • You just have to "hard wire" from the PS2 to a modem-router using a cable
  • Chris N STAFF said:
    You just have to "hard wire" from the PS2 to a modem-router using a cable

    The PS2 is about 10m from the Router, so running a cable was an option but not practical or pleasing to the eye. Wi-Fi is what everyone tells me to do, but client Wi fi ends are all USB. I checked the Xbox 360 spec and they have Wireless via a USB connect, so I would find it hard to believe that there isn't a Network Adapter that supports both types of cable? :confused:
  • Yes, there are routers that support both USB and good ol' ethernet cable. I'm somewhat surprised you couldn't get a modem that uses ethernet instead of USB from BT (one would hope you could) and then use a regular router to share the connection with your PC and the PS2.

    If you do have wi-fi there not all adapters have USB- the Linksys Gaming Adapter plugs into the ethernet port on the PS2.