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    Download site that might be of interest - exclusive video's and a video magazine made specially for PSP. Seems to me a whole bunch of stuff that makes PSP easily the best thing on the planet. :D
  • is there any websites that i can download free psp games ond movies i need one that u don't have to get a membership im thinking something that i can go on and download the games and other things onto it with out paying i've been looking all day but i just can't find any.. please if u know one tell me
  • Nothing much really gaming related on that site you gave, anamo.

    Jo, if you go to Sony's PlayStation site they have a media and downloads section. You can grab clips of games, demos, wallpapers, etc. As you found out there is really nothing out there that doesn't require registation.
  • I know there's not much gaming related - pretty sure I didn't indicate that there was.

    Its purely a video site - incedentally its been updated now and a new version of the ezine is much better than the one before.

    It does have a certain audience I suppose but it is definetley a video download site. That's all I was trying to point out.
  • I'm also looking for a free PSP download site for music any suggestions on that?