Worlds Tallest B-Baller
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    Sun Ming Ming of China holds a basketball in this file photo, October 6, 2006. The Maryland Nighthawks signed the 7 ft 9 ins center on Wednesday, introducing the world's tallest professional basketball player. (Chris Keane/Reuters)


    Sun Ming Ming, 23, (On left), the new center for the Maryland Nighthawks basketball team, is introduced at a news conference in Chevy Chase, Md., on Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2007. Sun is 7 feet 9 inches tall (2.1336 meters), comes from Bayan, China, and is now the tallest player in professional basketball history. At right is teammate Randy Gill, who is 6 feet 2 inches. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

    [CENTER]Amazing, isn't it? - Notice that he's only 23!!
  • Well now, this fellow puts my puny little almost 6'9" husband to shame!! :eek:
    (and, no, Hubby never played B-Ball. When asked, he'll tell ya quite clearly, "Because I always sucked at it!" :p :laugh:
  • I stand 6'3"......he is very tall. I hope for his sake that he makes good money, most men of that stature do not last long due to health issues.
  • Dude his hand like engulfs the ball!!!!
    Imagen trying to block against him??
  • sombulus said:
    Dude his hand like engulfs the ball!!!!
    Imagen trying to block against him??

    Impossible sombulus, no one could block this guy. He was on a TV show recently, and he can just walk up to a goal and place it in the net. He doesn't even have to shoot the ball if he doesn't want to!

    On the other hand, it is probably both a blessing and a curse to be so tall. I wouldn't know, I am an average height, but I can only imagine the things he goes through in his daily life. I'm sure he is not the happiest person in the world.