star ocean 2 the second story
  • you know the part where you get the synard or whatever its called.

    after you got the synard and you are on the world map where the heck do you go .
    then i found a place up high but the claude or rena keeps saying that you cant go in to the gate so thats where im stuck.

    please help!
  • Funny one of the RPG-playing people didn't jump on this one. :huh:

    After you find the Synard and are on the world map you have several options available- head to Central City and try to recruit Chisato into your party, start a sidequest involving the secret database, find some hidden areas, level up your characters, hit some of the shops in the game (including somehidden ones). If you are wanting to continue the main quest, however, head to Central City and talk to the mayor- he will explain where next to go.
  • i dont know where exactly to go when im on the world map please help me!
    im on the second disc i so far got the synard and ricruited another guy in to the party and then i have know idea where to go.
    could you just tell me the exact place and the first place i would go when im the world map.
    Please I realy stuck!
  • The main quest, as I explained above, has you going back to central City to talk to the mayor, who will then tell you your next part of the quest.