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    WARNING - CONTAINS LANGUAGE OF THE MATURE KINDStressed? Put it this way I put a crow bar through the bonnet of my car at dinner time & just started to calm down now. One more thing goes wrong during this month I'm shooting people! I tend not to get stressed over things, but since November things have just been building up over time off work for holidays, wedding, moving, being ill, future operations, house getting renovated, father's anniversay, bills, credit card, work & car f'in about I finally snapped when I tried to put on new wheels trims on Jane's car that I got her for Xmas and they just wouldn't 'pop' on. So a gentle nudge and nothing, a little kick and "split!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the straw that broke the camel's back. Crow bar in hand I was in a f'in massive rage & rant, the whole county heard me explode in verbal abuse (some directed to Jane) had to go back into the house & walked past my car cause I wanted to hit something or someone, but could never bring myself to act against Jane so the crow bar that I had in my hand went directly into the bonnet.