• I have heard from a few websites that the reason blue bottom ps2 disc's have such a hard time playing is because they reflect the laser back into the Diod and damage it making it weaker and weaker until the console doesnt work at all is this true? :confused:
  • I somehow doubt that is true, angry. If laser reflection was the case it would do it with all discs, not just the blue-bottom (PS2 games on CD-ROM).

    If one of those discs is having trouble being read it is more likely the lens being out of alignment a bit.
  • why does sony not want you to use a gameshark?
  • You're just full of questions tonight aren't you? :p

    One of the main reasons for it is the GameShark (as well as Datel's Pro Action Replay) are unlicensed products. Sony never gave permission to allow their use on the system. In some cases use of unlicensed products such as the cheaper memory cards or the GameShark has resulted in the premature demise of a system.
  • oh ok thanks for the info i apreciate it