Linking ps2 to ps2
  • can i directly link a ps2 to another ps2 using a cat 5 cable with RJ45 plugs at each end? i intend to play ps1 version of command * conquer red alert.
  • Yes, that will work for LAN play. You're going to need another copy of the game, though- each system needs the disc in to work as well as a separate tv for each system.
  • hey i wanna have some LAN play with my nascar game, cus its got a season mode where u can have multipe players, how do i set that up, never done it before and i wanna try it.
  • If your nascar game doesn't support it you won't be able to anyway. Anyhoo, if it does you would need another PS2, another tv and another copy of the game (each system needs the disc). Connect the two systems via the ethernet port on back with regular ethernet cable and that should do it. One player starts a game in LAN mode and the other player will join it.