Major Chrono Cross Glitch
  • At Fort Dragonia as Lynx before Serge is reborn, that particular CG cinema freezes up every time through. I tried this on a PS1 and 2, and the same problem occured. I even ordered another CC game, and still the same thing happened.
    To be more exact, in the "movie" of Lynx placing the Dragon Tear on the altar at the top of Ft. Dragonia, there is an image of a baby Serge floating in some fluid-it freezes right there. For some reason, you can still hear the 'bloop' of the bubbles, but the image froze in both games.
    Finally, my theory is that they are both GH versions, and maybe have internal problems from some change after the Square-Enix merger.(?)
    I don't think it's either system, because the problems are too identical.
    Thanks for any help in advance.
  • The only changes between the original and Greatest Hits versions of games are the cheaper artwork and manuals included. The game is still the exact same on the disc.

    It's possible the GH version may have had a small glitch in the reproduction of the discs but I don't recall any mention about anything like that. You may want to contact SquareEnix if you are still under the limited warranty for the games (usually 90 days on new games) and see if they would be able to help with an exchange.