• hi there, wonder if you could tell me if the version of call of duty that is out at this present time supports online play ,cos it seems that the games at present are very limited with the online facility.as i am very dissapointed that i cannot get online with resistance of man when i choose the 40 player online multiplayer mode all that happens ,is the game scan for servers all the time,not picking anybody up, thanx 4 any info.chaz1:D
  • yes, Call Of Duty 3 for the PS3 supports online play, up to 16 players in a game.

    Out of curiosity, what do you have your PSN account set up for as the residence? One thing about Resistance is the servers for this game are regionalized- those set up for Japan can only play Japanese-area gamers, USA/ Canada gamers hook up with other USA/ Canada gamers, etc. This could be part of the reason why you can't seem to find anyone online in Resistance.