resistance of man
  • hi i new about the game being regionlised, i,m from the uk my ps3 is the hong kong vers but my playstation account was set up for canada as i have good ther e freind, and there address i could not set the account for hk cause i didnt no anybody with an legit address so couldnt see a way round this ,do you think that idid right under cicumstances,would there be an better way round this problem, ie do you think that any of the other games that are released will be regionlised .can i take that call of duty 3 is not an region set game . your help very much appreciated in this matter. thanx chaz!:)
  • I honestly do not know if Call Of Duty is like that but I am guessing it is. The "regionalizing" is only for online play- the games will play on any PS3 in the world but I think you are only able to connect to servers based on where your PS3 is intended for (in your case Hong Kong). To my knowledge there is no workaround for this. Which region is your copy of the game originally intended?

    This is just the type of thing happening that Sony wanted to avoid by blocking imports of systems before the official launch.
  • hi my version of resistance is the region 3 hong kong ver ,how is is that ridge racer 7 works online no bother ,thanx:)
  • That's just the way the game developers decided to do it- Namco Bandai went for an actual world wide access while Insomniac decided to keep the online side of their game regionalized (probably in part to make sure players can understand each other in chat during play). There is no voice chat in RR7 so something like that wasn't really a concern.

    Most of the games with online play are probably going to use regional servers- if you want to meet up with people to play online you'd best get the games from where the online play is more popular (online console play isn't that big in Japan or China, it seems).