• I cant catch Kareem when he is circling on the outside of the New York map, how can I catch him with and without cheats of better cars?
  • Try this to catch Kareem but if it doesn't work for you then just post again or PM me and someone will find you a speedy and accurate response. Well first you must defeat all three cars before you can try this.You go to where Kareem drives around and set up a road block with big cars like trucks,vans, and the big Fed Ex trucks and cram them together real tight on both sides of the road.Then Kareem will come and the first few times it might not work, but the more cars you get the better chance of catching Kareem will be better and when it works Kareems arrow on top of him will turn green and he will go into town making it easier for you to catch and race him.But, if it dose not work for you then you will just have to wait for him to get around to you then rush out and ram him until his arrow turns green. Good Luck I hope it works for you and i haven't seen any cheats to get all cars in the career mode but i'll keep my eye out for some. Well, hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.:thumbsup:
  • some help with this would be beating the people that u follow three times each time u will be awarded with a more upgraded version of that car