PS3 Can't Connect to Network, Help :(
  • Hello. I have had my PS3 since late December and haven't had many problems at all connecting to the PS3 network. I've downloaded the latest update for the ps3 (1.51) so I think I'm good on updates.

    Whenever I try to log onto the network it says a connection could not be established and that I should go to the Network Settings and look at my settings. So I try to do an internet connection test and it fails on trying to find the IP address. I was thinking this may be a problem on Sony's end and not mine, but I am not sure. Any idea what may be up?

    Also I have a 60 gig ps3 and I use a modem to get my ps3 to connect to the internet. (If that has anything to do with it)
  • Doing the ol' switch around with the modem between the computer and PS3 are you? That may have a part to play in it.

    Try powering down the modem for a couple of minutes when you switch the cable and then plug it back in. You may also want to make sure the username and password didn't get changed on your ISP log on in the PS3's settings if they are in there.