PS2 Slim Maintenance
  • I couldn't find any info elsewhere, so here goes:

    1. How should I properly switch off my console?I just press and hold power/reset button for about 1,5 seconds and it just goes off. Is this the proper way?

    2. How should I handle the discs to spare them as many scratches as possible? Put them into soft casings instead of the dvd boxes etc.

  • You are perfectly fine leaving the PS2 in standby (holding the power button for a couple of seconds until the light goes red). The only time you should need to switch it off completely using the back switch is when moving the system or not going to use it for an extended period of time (say, a week or more).

    Using the original cases is the best thing- no need to store them away. The best way to handle the disc itself is by the edge with your fingertips- if at all possible do not hold the disc with your fingers touching the top and bottom of the disc. Here's a picture to give an idea of what i mean:


    The oils/ fingerprints that can come off the hand can make the disc more difficult to read. try not to keep the discs in an overly warm and humid environment- this can do damage over time.
  • Oh, that's good then. I'm moving it pretty frequently around so thanks for giving me the idea of the back power switch, I actually just learned it exists! Nice one, nice one..:D