Ty the Tas. Tiger
  • Hi all,
    I'm new to this site and was searching for help on a few areas of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. Specifacally, the "Ship Wreck" mission on the Ship Rex level and the "Muddy Towers" in the Lyer, Lyer, Pants on Fire level. Any help would be appreciated.:confused:
  • Hello, and welcome. i havn't never played that game so i can't help you out, but i am sure someone will help you soon. I am semi new here too, and you should enjoy it here also!:D
  • Thanks for the welcome, I hope someone else has played this game before:mellow: .
  • Arieana, if you could give some details as to what is troubling you in those areas we should be able to help you out.
  • I have a problem we got the dooarang and are on top of the robot (i think) and can't get in the green on top, how do i get to the top of throbot to defeat the final battle
  • After you take out all the cables you should have no problems- let loose with Sly's Doomarang and guide it through the pipes. You'll get the final cut scene when you make it through.