• Just went to the doctors and he says he thinks I have mono. This really sucks. Not only does it suck because of the sickness part, but because I can't workout for a while.

    I just started a eating plan so I can bulk up a bit before the summer. I was going to try to put on 10 pounds this month, but thats not happening now. Going to the gym is the only thing that I really look forward to during the day and now its been taken away from me :( . How am I supposed to be a bodybuilder when I can't lift any weights? :mad:

    The only good thing is that now I have time to sit down and play some games. I still need to beat FFXII and I might pick up a new game or two.
  • That sucks Mike! I'm sorry:(

    My mom, sister and brother have all had mono, but I was lucky enough not to get it. It really made my brother mad that he had it because he was (at the time) getting looked at by colleges for a baseball scholarship.

    He only stayed in for a week and then he got stir crazy and went back to practice.

    Take advantage of the rest though. The more you rest the quicker you'll heal.:)
  • Hey Mike, I am very sorry to hear that :(.

    I honestly do not know much about the disorder, could you please tell us what the symptoms are for Mono, and how else it is affecting you?
  • Mono is like having strep throat, with no cure for 2 weeks. You have absolutely no energy and feel like you want to die 24/7. It sucks, lol. High fevers, typically over 101 farenheit are common. I hate it.
  • I am sorry to hear this. My sister has mono real bad and will have it for life.
    She has it so bad that she can only work part time. She is sick everyday of the year. I know it is not good. :(