007 Agent Under Fire
  • In the first level if you use your decoder on the door lock at the very start (instead of using the claw and going over top the building) there is a keycard activated door on the left after you go through the first door. Can you get the keycard and enter this room (the armory). If so, where do you get the key card, because i can't find it anywhere!
  • I don't know about entering that door. This game hasn't been out long enough for anyone here to really have the upper hand on it. I would imagine that that door is like a secret or extra that has to be unlocked. I mean think about it. Armory..how much fun would that be to get into. Imagine what you might find in there. I'll let you know if I figure anything out.
  • It's okay, i figured it out. When you kill the first guard you come accross, he leaves it on the desk, next to the computer. The "Armory" contains several gernades and a rocket launcher
  • i think you have to kill that first guard with your hands to get the card, i jump down from the opening behind him to do it without him even noticing