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    I've discovered one of the greatest joys today.I'm planning on heading over to Target tonight and purchasing Guitar Hero II.It will probably give me something to do while I await St. Valentine's Day to come about.On Valentine's Day I will be meeting with my counselor at 8:30 in the morning and get my okay to register.My friend and I have been playing Twilight Princess the past couple nights so it's been fun. We both solved the Temple of Time and now we're working on the City in the Sky. Ugh. It's hard. But yeah, we're working hard on it. Eventually we'll get to Zant.
  • I FINALLY completed TP yesterday.
    Zant and Ganondorf are sooo easy. The hardest part is when you're on horseback and so is Ganondorf and Zelda is trying to shoot him with her light arrows. Other than it was easy. Although, maybe I found it easy because I had all 20 hearts :confused:
    Also finally managed to find that last poe soul. Turned out I'd missed the one in the Hidden Village, duh me :redface:

    Anyway, Mel, glad to hear you're doing a lot better now and you're back to your old happy happy joy joy kinda blogs :D