Get a gun in havana-driver 2
  • tried cheat for get gun in havana L2'L2'R1'R2'L1'L1'X'CIRCLE unpause then L2 tor raise gun then o to shoot it didn't work.
  • It didn't work because that cheat turned out to be a fake-there is no gun to be had in Driver 2.

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  • yeah thay are all kind of codes like a helecopter but that is a fake one two
  • Also another one was get a SWAT truck and I tried and tried again but it didn't work. All u do in the game is drive places. It needs to be more like GTA3 with guns and races and other cool stuff.
  • There is a truck in Havana or Chicago that looks like a security truck.This might be the SWAT truck your talking about.