• hi i have been trying to set up my ps2 to play online. i have never done this before and i need some help with it. If you can explain to me what it is i need i am sure that i will be able to fix it. at the moment i have no idea what is going on. thank for you time and getting back to me.
  • Can you give us some more detail as to what you have as a set up there? Is it a slim PS2 or big model, type of internet connection you have, is there a router set up, etc.?
  • well i have a slim ps2. i dont know if it has a router or what a router is. i am pretty not too smart when it comes to these types of things. i have a d-link modem which i have connected to my ps2. and the testing of the the connection works. but when i go to play my nhl 07 it says i have a error -610 which i do not know what could be the problem.
  • That D-Link box would be the router, actually. I'm guessing you have a cable going from it to your PC and another to the PlayStation 2?

    Anyway, that error 610 basically means there is a setting messed up on the PS2. You'll have to edit the connection file on there and tweak one of the settings. Did you go Automatic through the entire set up?
  • yes i did go auto throughout the whole setup . if i didn't it would ask me such things as ip addressess and all that sort of stuff and i dont know what to do,.
  • It's best to learn about these things- can come in handy for situations like this. ;) It's not as hard as you may think.

    Most of the information can be had just by looking into the router options on the computer. Considering it is D-Link you should be able to get to there by typing http: // in the address bar of your web browser (I left a space in to keep it from making a clickable link). This will bring up a box asking for a username and password- assuming this hasn't been changed type "admin" (without the quotes) in the username blank and click the OK button.

    Once in you should see several blue tabs near the top of this page. Click on the one marked STATUS. You'll see two sets of numbers a little bit down the page called DNS- these are the numbers the PS2 needs for the DNS server blanks.

    Now, go to the PS2 to edit that connection setting. You should be able to leave IP Address blank but on the next page select Custom and put the numbers in - for Router Address, for Subnet mask and use the numbers you found for DNS in the two DNS Server blanks. Once you have that done you can go through to the end and test the connection again.