Cannot connect to central station
  • I created a new Connection, using the Auto-config option (I have previously tried Manual-config, but that didn't work either). It runs the "Connection Test" successfully, (all lights are green), it then comes on to the section where it needs to Authenticate the DNAS -- in which it says:

    "Authenticating DNAS data..."

    That lasts for about 5 minutes (probably a little bit more), once it finished, it says "Completed Successfully". It then shows the loading icon in the top-right of the screen, and after about a further five minutes, it shows the following message:

    "Central Station cannot be contacted. Check your settings and retry.
    [Ref. SCC]"

    What is this all about? Why can it not contact the "Central Station" properly (whereas it runs the Connection Test with no problems)?

    I'm open to all ideas .. as long as they don't involve spending money (on a router, for example) -- because I really don't have the cash! :-(
  • Ray1971 was having the same problem a few threads down. He found out after a quick call to Sony he had to go to and register there. No worries on the cash bit, it's free. Kind of a central database for UK/ European online PS2 players.
  • i am already registered
  • When switching the ethernet cable from your PC to the PS2 to go online you usually have to power down the modem for a bit (30 seconds or so) to make it properly let go of the notion it's plugged into the computer.

    You may also want to try going into the connection setting and doing some of the numbers manually such as the DNS servers and subnet mask.
  • Yeah, what's up with that? All my connections are working perfectly, yet I get that message when trying to enter Central Station. I did register at but I'd still want to get into Central Station properly.

    What's going on? Is Central Station offline? I asked Sony, but they aren't replying.
  • I can't see Central being offline yet, considering the number of people still with the PS2 as their main gaming platform. If you have contacted them via e-mail you may be in for a long wait- better off to phone directly and talk to someone.
  • same problem here , ps2 direct on modem network. get error "ref scc"

    any solutions??