• i got gta3 today and put it into my ps2 and keep getting a message that says disc read error i said hmm 54 dollars is too much 4 any flaws in a disc so i ejected the disc powered off then back on still disc read error message so i said im takin this back!!!and rofl @ me i fergot syphon filter was already in my ps 2 so i had 2 discs in my ps2 @ tha same time i took out syphon filter and then it worked 1st try lol. i was wondering why gta3's disc felt so thick when i took it out, then saw i was holding 2 discs lol.
  • [b]That was just plain ol' silly,Sins.
  • LOL! :2silly: Couldn't decide which game to play?
    Not even my 7 year old brother has done that (yet). He just takes them out and leaves the discs on the table :nono:
  • i have my ps2 vertically mounted so im not looking directly into tha disc tray.(and i always take out tha disc after use,or so i thought, huh...lol)