How to kill big monster at Jabba's place???
  • :frown: Hi am playing with my nearly 4 y.o. son and cannot figure out how to kill the big monster. We are destructing the bombs and making the rocks fall on him but it isn't having much of an effect.

    How can we get past him?
  • This would be the Rancor Pit section?

    Switch to the droids when you get here as they can operate a couple of mech locks- R2-D2's is to the right and C-3PO's is to the left (the Rancor wn't even bother to look at them- droids give him gas ;) ). Operating either one of these locks will release a single Gamorrean Guard- when this is done the Rancor will ignore your other group and grab the guard, then move beside one of two lego crates in the area. Blast the crate to make an explosion and damage the Rancor. Once this is done 3 times there are two levers that are active- the racor will have moved to a spot at the top of the cave. Pull the levers to finish him off and complete the level.
  • Thank you. Will give it a go. :cool:
  • Thanks for this input - we have the Rancor down to one life but could not seem to get him to let go of it!! Will keep trying by exploding the crates.