Late Model Ps1 Controller
  • i was at a friends house today and i took NFS Carbon so we could play it, but he only had one Ps2 controller, and two late model Ps1 controllers, with the knobs and evrything, but they wouldn't work with the game, they wouls work with any other game, but not with carbon, what would ne the explanation to this??
  • Some games won't see the PSOne controller due to the need for the analog control in the buttons as well as the sticks- NFS carbon is one of those games.
  • whats the difference in the analog? you mean the ps2 controllers are analog, i always thought theyd be digital??
  • It's not just the sticks that are analog on the PS2 controller, sombulus- the buttons are too. Some games need that analog control for things such as the accelerator of a car.