Red faction - admin area
  • hope you don't mind helping me.
  • the end is not so good as you heard but you still have lots of fun on the way, till it comes. and it's only gets better.

    after meeting hendrix keep up with the direction you where before meeting him, i don't remember when, but you should come to a room where you have stairs on the right and a guard on the other side of the room just infront of you. don't go to the stairs !!! you can make it there but with a small chance of getting alive. go strait to the guard and turn right and stay as close to the wall as you can. remember, as long as you don't get too close to a guard or a camera you'll be fine. from there it's easy to get griphon and the fun begins again.

    p.s did you entered the toilets ? you can watch your self in the mirror and see if the suite fits you...
  • thanks jarjar - i did it.

  • That is the part of the game i am stuck on, i can get to Gryphon but once i come out of that room the guards look at me and start shooting but now since i've seen waht you've wrote jarjar i hope to get passed this part of the game which i have been at for a few months now.
  • Like jarjar said, dont go up the stairs. I did, I managed to survive but just by a b*ll hair. When you have his card, don't hang around either or you will get nailed.