need help with ps1
  • I just bought a ps1 and whenever i hook it up to a TV the screen is green, it works fine, but the screen comes in so green that it is hard to read any text or see most of the game. I know that its not the cables or the TV, so is there anything I can do to fix this? thx
  • Are you sure it is not the cables or TV, first of all? It seems that some older TV's displays get green over the time for whatever reason, as they get older.

    Once you have determined that it isn't the TV (By watching a dvd on the tv, or flipping the channels), about your PS1 - how did you obtain it? Is it used, bought from store, or what?
  • It must be my Ps1, cause i did by i new. And I have figured out that its not the TV or the cables. thx