• Going from the point where you entered this particular hub go to the right.After a small piece you'll find a small uphill path on your right-turn up there to reach the save pool.It should be somewhere between 2 of the level portals.

    As for beating Ghastly Gus-what you have to do is make a downward strike to hit his toes-2 hits will stun him,setting him up for a swipe with the sword.Once you do hit him once run away from him a piece to make him walk after you-this is when you should go for the downward strike.
  • after beating the guy save the game when one of the girls come up to give you your options do not pick the armor or the kiss pick the memory card to save@!!
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  • On the first and the second level's the save pools are on the right as you enter the level.

    If you dont have enough coins just go back to the graveyard and play the level the game starts on. After playing later levels this one is very simple and easy.