Cannot Connect to Playstation Network
  • When I try to Sign In to the Playstation Network, I get a verified IP Address, Verified Network Connection, but when it gets to the third step - Connecting to the Playstation Network - it fails.

    I was just playing last Friday. After no changes to my Internet at my house and no changes to the Playstation 3 (60 gb), I began to receive this error.

    I can browse the Internet via the built-in web browser, and I can even see the PS3 on my Home Network when it's on.

    I've tried cycling the power on my modem, router, and computer (in that order), cycling the power on the PS3, and cycling the power on all non-relative routers and wireless access points in my house.

    I'm running on a wired connection with DSL.

    I've tried re-entering my Network Settings information by going [on my PC] to Start > Run > cmd > "ipconfig/all" and entering all of that information (again) into the Network Settings of the PS3. It doesn't work :(

    I read that the problem was my DNS server, and I should try switching to the following two open DNS settings:

    • Primary DNS:
    • Secondary DNS:

    This didn't work either.

    Any ideas? (Did I miss supplying you with any information?)


    Edit: I'm on the East Coast of the U.S.A. and, of all places, I found that on the GameSpot Resistance forum, a lot of people are having the same problem as me: Topic 1, Topic 2
  • Yep, I noticed a number of messages about it there as well as on Sony'sown forums. The problem seems to be a glitch on their end. I was having the same problems too. For some reason, however, a sub acount would be able to log on to PSN no problem. Once I did that my main account could too. You may want to try making a sub account on your machine, get it signed up to PSN and see if that works for you too.
  • I read that about the sub account, too!

    The problem is, if I create a sub account, won't I lose all of my stats, rewards, etc. in online games? Somehow (I think firmware version 1.51 is responsible) I've lost all of my Single Player data for Resistance. I would really like to keep the multiplayer data at the least, since there are uniforms and such that come with points you accumulate.
  • It's true the sub account has its own stats, downloads, etc. but you missed the point there. After having the sub account set up I had no problems logging in using the master account. This also makes a good way of keeping the system from going to a disc you may have left in when firing up.