• what car have people used to finish this race london head to head 10. I have used several and still only make it to the end of the tunnel or am I missing a short cut? any help
  • I've done it with two cars.
  • thanks I used the ny police 2 and I used the jump in building after the first tunnel and made it easy. thanks stewie.
  • can anyone help me, ive beaten the first 3 racers, Emilio Keiko and the other one, but im chasing the hard champ geezer of new york around the edge of the map but he always gets away - can i cheat to get a better car in career mode??
  • there are two long strips of highway in NY. One has the aircraft carrier on it and the other one doesn't. Pick a car with a decent top speed, and a lot of NOS, or nitrous boosts. if you are still close to him by the time he make the big turn to the bottom of the map, he will turn into the smaller streets of the city. from here it will be easy to catch him because he will never reach his top speed.

    good luck