Warranties and Sods Law
  • We obviously only post news relating to Sony consoles on this site, however, I noticed an interesting story today so I thought I'd post on here.

    Apparently XBOX 360 owners are miffed with Microsoft.

    The uk tv programme, Watchdog, has received 248 complaints from disgrundled XBOX 360 owners whos consoles have shown the dreaded 'ring of death'; the three led lights that show up when there is a serious hardware fault with the console.

    Apparently, the reason for the conplaints is that this so called 'ring of death' has been happening to owners whos 1 year manufacturers warranty has only just run out.

    Although no Microsoft representative appeared on the show, MS did release the following statement, "Most people who have an Xbox 360 have an outstanding experience and there's no common fault. Each incident is unique, and looked at on a case by case basis."

    Just goes to show two things:
    [*]First of all, always get an extended warranty if the store you bought from provides them, and
    [*]Get a PS3 instead. Sony's consoles at least last two or three years before they start going wrong :laugh:[/LIST]Jay
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  • If a machine can receive downloadable content then it can have the BIOS flashed even without you know it.

    From past I used to take out extened warranties on expensive equipment, so when I got a new SKY box I took out an extra 3 years. Just before the 3 years were up I saw stuff in tech forums popping up about SKY messing with your equipment (Conspiracy Theories come into play) I was told to take note of my ver. pattern & disconect the phone line a day before the warranty expires, give it a few days & a phone call from SKY about extending the warranty but not accepting it then the next day check your ver. pattern & it was different and 2 days after that the box started to "act" up. 2 weeks of that another phone call from SKY asking to extend, which the answer was no & 2 days later another ver. pattern on the box & a day later it stopped working. Left it for 2 weeks contacted SKY to cancel suscription & will be taking another subscription out with a new SKY+ box set. Couldn't do that so I told them to return MY bought equipment back to the original settings that they had changed through the Broadcast service (yes they can update your machine through that even if your phone line is dissconected) That they had changed without my consent. The SKY box was returned to the original ver. pattern within 4 hours after I told them BBC Watchdog are doing research into this & it will be taken to legal action.

    Even up till a few weeks ago when I totaly ripped the SKY system out, every year when the warranty was supposed to expire it went funny for 5 days & then getting either a phone call or a letter asking if I want the warranty extending
  • what exactly is a SKY box???
  • sombulus said:
    what exactly is a SKY box???

    I am in the U.S.A. too, but I think it is just the U.K. cable TV network. (Like Time Warner Cable) No biggie. :)
  • MCWHAMMER said:
    I am in the U.S.A. too, but I think it is just the U.K. cable TV network. (Like Time Warner Cable) No biggie. :)

    Er, not exactly. We have a Satellite dish on the side of the house and it receives the signal via a satellite I think. Not quite sure about that though. Not very sure about signals and stuff :huh: