US accessories with UK PS3?
  • Hi, I just pre-ordered a UK PS3. Taking a look at it seems the accessories (e.g. the Blu-ray remote and the SIXAXIS controller) are cheaper in the States than they will be in the UK. Will Sony accessories bought in the States work with a UK PS3 - and for that matter will US games work in the UK?
  • Welcome aboard, Monaco. :)

    To answer your question, yes, the Blu-ray remote and SixAxis controllers (along with every other accessory) will work with any PS3 worldwide.

    PlayStation 3 games are also region-free but this may have you playing people only from the area the game was marketed to when playing online. Most of the games, for now, are going to be using regionalized servers for online play. If you were wanting to play your UK friends on, for example Motorstorm, you would need the UK disc. PlayStation 2, PSOne and movies all still have the region coding active.
  • Thanks Lyndon - I'll be placing some orders on then! Cheers!
  • You'll be wasting your time there- only sends within the US. They'll refuse you and have you go the Amazon UK site. There should be some sites out there, however, that would be able to help you out.