starwars: starfighter
  • how do you beat mission 14 i have tryed for ages and cant pass it. Iknock out the antenas on the doid control ship then i get inside it when they launch a ship but then i just fly around and get killed buy the mercinery ship. What am i suposed to do once i get inside? :wave:
  • avoid as much as you can, the the red rockets !!!

    you don't have to follow the enemy leader ship inside,
    destroy the "landing ships holders"(there's tow don't have to,it's on the way),shoot back everything that shooting you.
    when your safe go to the leader sheep and follow him.
    he probably moved to another sector thru the pipe like tunnels in the upper level of where you are.when you find him follow him around and shoot him with your cannon(not missiles). avoid his missiles as much as you can by breaking or shooting the missiles. after a while you'll hear him complanes about his shilds - now attack him with everything you've got.
    then your bot will lock on the main generator and you're on you're way out.
    if it dosn't help tell me and i'll get in the game and send you a more detailed walkthrou.

  • thanks alot. i finally passed it, it was tough but i managed it :laugh: