Playstation doesnt read disk
  • Hello,
    i have have my PS2 for a long time now and it is the old black one. I got a new game for my ps2 (fifa 06) and played on it for a while, i then lent it to my friend and when i got it back the disk was scratched to death. So i put it in my ps2 to see if it worked fine and it did so i paused it and went downstairs for a few hours, went upstairs and the game had froze. I reset it and it didnt read any game i had, i have even took it apart and cleaned it with air in a can and it made no difference. I personally think it is something to do with the laser but there have never been any problems with my ps2 before.
    Anyway id appreiciate it if someone got back to me:D

    thanks, Mike
  • Mickey, your "friend" owes you a new disc (or at the very least should pay for repair). He obviously has no clue how to handle discs.

    Just as an experiment put the PS2 on standby and then turn off the main power switch on the back of the system. After about a minute or so turn it back on and try it with one of your other games.
  • Yep id say my "friend" does owe me a new disk but the funny thing is about a week later mine broke, his broke so what goes around comes around! And i might try that in the morning, my ps2 has been broken for agges and i have just thought of looking for a help forum:huh: