ps3 wired connection help
  • I am getting a ps3 and want to connect using the wethernet cable. I do not have a router or spare ethernet socket. I noticed a usb to ethernet converter for sale on amazon will that work if i just plug it in
  • No, those won't work. Those adapters are meant to plug into the USB port of the device going online, such as your laptop, when there is no wireless available.

    You would be better off buying an inexpensive wired router and using that.
  • where would i plug this into and what is a good make
  • can you sujjest a specefic product
  • The router would go between the modem and the computer, with the modem's "out" cable plugged into the router. You would then use ethernet cable to go from the router to your computer and the PC, letting both be online at the same time (handy for when you are in a game and need to ask a question here ;) ).

    The most popular brands are Linksys and D-Link. Go with any router from those two brands and you'll be good to go.
  • thanks ill do that
  • my modem has a usb out wire into the pc will router accept this
  • Ok, that complicates things. Most modems have their input via an ethernet cable similar to what would be going out to the PC. You may have to talk to your internet provider and see if they have a different type of modem they can switch to for you or maybe recommend a router.
  • i found a spare ethernet port on the pc can the ps3 be plugged diectly in
    and work
  • That will do the job nicely, Rob. You would just have to turn on Internet Sharing on the computer (which should be in Network Neighborhood).
  • great but will i still need to enter ip address and how do you turn on internet shareing exactly
  • No, you shouldn't need to enter any numbers like IP address, DNS servers, etc.- you could have all that done automatically.

    To get things set up on your computer have a look here. This page gives step-by-step instructions on setting up a home network with pictures.
  • i do have a spare ethernet port on the computer but i looked at my modems read up which is:
    High-speed Internet access and regular phone service on the same line.
    Upto 8 Mbps downstream, 832 kbps upstream.
    Supports 98SE, 2000, ME and XP, Mac OS 8.6, 9.0 & 10.1-10.4; Linux ( XP64 coming soon !!)
    Connects to USB-Port on desktop or notebook computer
    USB-Port powered no need for AC adapter
    Plug and play
    Easy to use installation wizard
    Software upgradeable
    No additional network interface card require

    As opposed to :
    10/100Base-T (RJ45)
    MDI/MDI-x autosensing
    1 Ethernet port
    ADSL line (RJ11) for ADSL/POTS
    Extensive multi-PVC ATM Quality of Service (UBR, CBR, VBR-rt, VBR-nrt)
    DSLForum TR-37 autoconfiguration
    self learning bridge at wire speed
    IP Routing
    UPnP certified Internet Gateway Device, enabling major conferencing and gaming technologies
    IPSec passthrough from multiple LAN clients, enabling secure homeworking
    Supports PPPoE, PPPoA, IPoA, CIP, ETHoA
    DNS server and relay, DHCP server and relay
    Network Address Translation for connection sharing, including support for SIP, H.323, Realaudio, FTP, IRC, IKE, IPSec-ESP, Jabber, ILS, ...
    Simultaneous bridging and routing of PPPoE connections, enabling network based VPNs
    Which mentions gameing
  • will my connection still allow ps3 wired internet
  • Yes it will, Rob. use an ethernet cable to connect your PS3 to the spare ethernet port on your PC and use the instructions on the link i gave you before to set up internet sharing.
  • great thanks for your help
  • ive got my ps3 which is great and the network is plugged in ive done all automatic settings but the ps3 says timed out finding ip and the computer says there may limited or no connectivity through the LAN
  • Rob, you may have missed some of the things needed to be done to enable your connection sharing. You may want to go back in and doublecheck your settings as well as enter in some of the numbers manually into the PS3.
  • great downloading update now cant wait
  • rob(or expert, how did u exactly sort this problem? i had the same rubbish for 3 hours this morning....any help is much appreciated..thanks
  • Gobby, check out the link i gave up above, about midway through the thread. That page from Microsoft's database about it should help. When you get there click on "setting up your network" and about halfway down that page you'll find links to instructions for several versions of Windows.