What are your favorite game genres?
  • There are lots of game genres. Some aren't used enough, while some are overused.

    What are your favorite gaming genres? You can explain in detail if you would like, listing your fav. games within that genre.

    My favorites: Racing/Driving games of all kinds, Shooting games of most kinds. And, in the past I would have said Platformers because I liked that aspect of Crash Bandicoot games. Well, we all know what happened to Crash :(.

    My Fav. games from those genres: EA Nascar games of yesteryear (They're kind of stuck in a rut right now),
    Road Rash, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit games (I lost interest after Most Wanted), ... wait - there haven't been any good racing games in a while... all the more reason for me to pick up Motorstorm.

    As far as shooting games go, of course it's the Grand Theft Auto series, Resistance: F.O.M., Goldeneye (The only good 007 game - you know I'm not lying).

    But that's just me :D

    ... ALSO, for no particular reason, I thought I'd include this picture of a cat with his sniper rifle. Genius :p.

  • I wish that was my cat!! my favorites would have to be racing of all sorts, and old school rpgs, im not getting into this real time action, just not me.