Playstation 2 network adaptor problems
  • Hello,
    I'm new to this site and am having problems getting my playstation 2 online.
    I have set up a network configuration file, and when the network diagnostics are run all the green lights show and everything appears fine. However, when I try to connect with central station the following error message appears:
    "Central Station cannot be contacted. Please check your settings and try to connect again". I have tried everything and have ran out of ideas.
    My settings are as follows:
    Connected via a router
    DHCP enabled
    DNS obtained automatically
    PPPoE is not used

    I have tried entering the IP, gateway and DNS addresses manually but that does not work.
    I would really appreciate some advice
  • Sounds like you have everything set up correctly. Have you registered with Central Station before setting up?
  • I havn't registered yet, i thought you had to do that through the playstation 2 network access disc. It should take you to central station automatically after the diagnostic test, but it just says that central station cannot be contacted.
  • You may want to try registering via the computer and then get things set up on the PS2. Head to for that.
  • Thanks I'll give it ago
  • I have the same problem. I have already registered and stuff, but I cannot access the central station.
    I have tried everything, but nothing worked. It just keeps saying that "Try again later."
    One more thing: It DID work before, but something's just wrong now.