Disc makes a scratchy sound in PSP
  • PSP reads UMD discs just fine, but the disc makes a scratchy sound when it turns, especially in the begining- as if it is hitting something inside. Anyone knows why that is ? Thanks
  • You mean a noise other than the usual it makes when accessing the disc? You may want to have that checked out- something may be a bit out of place inside the slot.
  • Yes, clearly a scratchy noise - not the usual noise of the disc turning. I know I can fix it if I could only get a lead as to what might be causing it. Bad door maybe ?
  • It is possible something is misaligned making the disc just off center enough to have that extra-scratchy noise come up. If you have had the PSP less than a year i would recommend contacting Sony and ask about getting a replacement- they do have a one year warranty on the thing.
  • could it be that the umd door brace is not attatched on the psp right?try opening the umd door and give it a little push on the bottem of the door.
  • and also try taking the whole psp apart and putting it back together with a look for loose or cracked parts.If you dont want to take apart ur psp then just shake it softly near ur ear listening for a loose part.(but take out the umd first)