Prodigal Gamer Returns!
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    Yo! Well, like I said back in general discussion Im posting a blog to update you all to what has happend during my absence of around 6 months or so. Here goes; Most of my time has been spent working my behind off as an apprentice butcher, some of you may remember me starting this just before I went away. Its going well, and my first set of modules will be due pretty soon, mostly pretty basic health and safety stuff. Ive just recently moved up to the cutting bench from packing and wrapping meat/ stocking shelves which Im pleased about since all that stuff is below me, lol, not really.
  • Well sounds like your life is still as hectic as ever.

    On the WOW front, I haven't played, what with not having internet at home, but it's supposed to be brilliant. Have you got The Burning Crusade expansion? And if so, were you one of the lucky few to get the extremely hard to get hold of Limited Edition version?

    I always try to get Limited Edition versions myself, much better me thinks. For instance, I'm going to get the Kane Edition of Command and Conquer Tiberium Wars, instead of the basic version.
    I also got the Limited Edition version of Oblivion at the beginning of last year as well.
    So as you can tell, I prefer the Limited Edition versions to basic ones.

    Anyway, good to see you around again,
  • Sounds like your life has gotten better since the last blog I read of you where you and your girlfriend were on a break. Glad things are going well for you.

    So, you're a meat man now?! LOL! Next time I'm down under I'll go around every butcher shop asking for you.:)