Freedom! It Smells So Sweet!!
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    Well folks, being that this is my last week of freedom before I head off to school I figured I better post something on here. (And plus I don't want Rob to get a one up on my blogging championship belt.)Things are going well with me. No real problems around here. My parents were gone for the weekend so I had a nice break from them. Sadly there were no parties. (Sorry guys) I mean, unless you count me the dogs and the cat hanging out around the house.;)
  • Such a girl gamer, lol, thought that line was funny.
    Anyway, what's the point buying stuff when you can get majority of items from battles anyway. That way you keep your money. You should forget about buying stuff for the moment and just level up, that way when you're done, you'll have loadsa money :D

    Speaking of Sims 2, I presume you mean the pc version, if so, have you just got the normal game or have you got expansions as well? Personally, I've got all the expansion packs to date (University, Nightlife, Open For Business and Pets) and also have both of the stuff packs (Family Fun and Glamour Life) and I'm getting Season when it's out in a couple of weeks.
    I know, I have to have all the sims expansions and stuff.
    I was the same with The Sims, I've got all er seven expansions I think there were in total.

    Anyhoo, good luck with school and everything, and don't worry about your blog championship, doubt anyone has the time to try to take it from you :laugh: