Your video game shopping list!
  • What games are on your shopping list for this year so far?

    Here's some that I am looking to buy the day they come out :p

    1) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories: The Playstation 2 Port (Due March 6th)
    2) Motorstorm (Also Due March 6th. I'm gonna be so broke)
    3) Assassin's Creed (The PS3 Version. Date TBA)
    4) Army of Two (PS3, Due April 2, 2007)
    5) For the sake of nostalgia, I want to re-buy Speed Punks for Playstation 1, I loved that game, don't know why I got rid of it....

    And that's really all I've got right now. Maybe I'll pick up some Wii games... but this is a Playstation forum, so let's not talk about that :o

    Name your shopping list Below!
  • Well, I just grabbed Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters for the PSP- pretty good game but the hoverboard levels don't translate too well with the downsizing.

    Future purchases for me coming soon will be (in no particular order):

    Hot Shots Golf 5

    These are the definite purchases- depending on what i hear about some other games there may be more added to this. (So many games, so little time).
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    Well, I just grabbed Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters for the PSP- pretty good game but the hoverboard levels don't translate too well with the downsizing.

    I've heard quite a bit about the PSP game, including an interview with its creators. It's neato that it isn't a Ratchet port from PS2 or something, they built this one from scratch.

    Let me know how it plays out ;) for ya.
  • Well as i said the hoverboard levels don't translate well to the analog nub control and i have run into some small camera problems. Overall, though, it's every bit as good as the PS2 games.

    Ah yes- must add the PS3 Ratchet & Clank game that is coming from Insomniac to the shopping list. B)
  • Well I have sooo many I want I don't know where to begin.

    I guess I'll start with the PS2 games:
    Final Fantasy XII (should be delievered tomorrow :D)
    Burnout DominatorNext up are the PS3 titles I want this year (whether they come out this year is another matter entirely):
    FIFA 08
    WWE Smackdown! vs RAW 2008
    Burnout 5
    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    Grand Theft Auto 4
    Gran Turismo 5
    Metal Gear Solid 4There are probably many others, but can't think of them off the top of my head.
    There are a few Wii, DS and PC titles I want as well, but we'll forget about them for the moment as they're not Sony consoles.
  • Jason F Staff said:

    Grand Theft Auto 4

    AH, that's the one I forgot. I am excited about that one too, even though it seems so far away (October :(). Gives me time to replay the older GTA games though. I love this franchise.
  • the 4 things that are top of my purchase list at the moment are...

    a new tft tv - about 26 inch but at least 720p (its for a small room and much bigger would mean that you couldnt see the whole tv at once!!)

    Ridge Racer 7 - Rekki!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Motorstorm - this game looks so hot and the gags feature (where the AI pick on you and kill you for fun) looks like a total blast

    PS3 - well whats the point of the above 3 items unless you have one of these to tie them all together ;)

    So thats me wondering where I am going to get that
  • You're pulling yourself into a bad black hole with requesting a shopping list from a girl gamer.:)

    Since you asked so nicely though, I won't bombard you with an unending list of games. Here's what I intend to buy (after I buy my school mind you).

    1. Shrek: Smash and Bash for the PS2 (looks like a take on Super Smash Bros..SHREK STYLE!!)
    2. Kirby for the Nintendo DS
    3. Final Fantasy III for DS
    4. It's a Dog's Life for the PS2
    5. Taiko Drum Master(??) for PS2
    6. Guitar Hero (The ORIGINAL!!)
    7. DDR Supernova (maybe..)
    8. Sims 2 Pets (for MAC since MAC is SOOOO much better)

    I probably won't buy any of these until after I've bought myself some new lipstick, a vacation, and a great message first though.:)
  • The games that I'm waiting for is

    Lair May 5th 2007
    Final Fantasy XIII December 31 2008
  • Melinda S STAFF said:

    5. Taiko Drum Master(??) for PS2

    I have Taiko Drum Master :) . Got it for X-Mas one year. It is pretty cool, I like banging a drum. It is definitely the precursor to the Wii-excercise mania, because this game will make you sweat :D or at least make your arms tired.

    I decided to get Manhunt for PS2, because I never got to play it for some reason. Plus I just heard the news that Manhunt 2 is coming soon, so I figured I might as well play the original first. I like it so far. Camera angles are annoying, but it's OK. I'll write a review when I am done, for the forum.
  • Only one game on my list: Gran Turismo 5
    I'll Finally get to Drive a Lamborghini
  • Hazm said:
    Only one game on my list: Gran Turismo 5
    I'll Finally get to Drive a Lamborghini

    Is that right? Well you're telling me something new. :o
    I already knew, though, that you can finally drive a Ferrari in GTHD.

    Ferrari's and Lamborghini's, two of the best types of car in the entire world. :D