He Better Have an Apology Lined Up
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    Well folks, I guess I posted a little too soon with saying there was nothing wrong. (As it usually seems to go.) That night after posting, I went over to my friends house and her and I pulled out the Shrek Smash and Crash game I got for PS2 and we were racing. It was great fun.I knocked everybody down with my ubber Donkey-Dragon combination. We rocked everyone. Anyway, in the middle of the racing my boyfriend called.
  • Wonder what he would say if you said to lay off the comic books for awhile. bet he would sing a differnt tune then.
  • Some people just aren't getting that video games are a valid form of entertainment now. He would probably rather you watch television all day than play video games, because most people don't understand that video games are actually stimulating. They make you think, solve problems, do puzzles, kill people, and more.

    So, why shouldn't ya play video games? There are a lot more worse things you could be doing... I say, PLAY ON, game lover. PLAY ON. :)
  • Well go mcw, specially loved the bit about games being stimulating and then you added "killing people" among the list :laugh:

    Anyway Mel, I hope he's apologised by now. If not you just say the word and we'll send the APi boys round to er make him apologise :mellow:
    Seriously though, it's up to you what you want to do, you're not hurting anyone by playing them, including your b/f, so just get on with it. He'll just have to like it or lump it :)