• hi i am new and i cant realy figure out how this site works? is this how i can get the info i need on tombi 2 by writing here? please help i am wanting the game help or tips on tombi 2 and i cant find them?
  • Welcome to Absolute PlayStation, Rhonda. :)

    Yep, you are in the right place to ask about Tomba! 2 (or any other original PlayStation game). Whenever you have a problem in the game just post it in this section and hopefully we can soon find the answers.

    As for cheats and tips, you have a look on this page of the main site, maybe this will help you out. B)
  • hi. thanku for your help. now could you please tell me how and where the golden-fish-hook is that the fisherman lost so i can return it to him so that he will give me the fish-scale so that i can open the clossed-clam-shell and for the life of us we can not find the tower of wisdom or the tower of courage. today i found the tower of strength thanks to your web page on game tips. we have had this game for three years and everytime we play we can only get so far as i have never found the fish-hook or towers. my son will be over the moon when he gets home from school that i found someone who knows the game Tombi 2 . thankyou so so so much:o
  • I should tell you most of my memories of the game are quite dim now (haven't played this one for over 7 years now). I do seem to recall the fish hook being stuck on a building of some sort in that area- I'll have to do some digging to get the exact spot figured out.