Ivalice is in trouble!
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    So I finally got my Final Fantasy XII game. Also managed to pick up a copy of the Limited Edition Hardback Strategy Guide.

    Anyway, I've played er about 8 hours, I think, worth now and I'm still in the tunnels after the dungeon.

    I tell you it took me bloody ages to kill all those ruddy Electricity Sucking Bugs, kept having to run alllll the way back to the save crystal where you first turn on the power.

    Anyway, my game's now saved ate the save crystal that appears after you've unlocked the second, larger, gate.
  • Could that be Baschie you have on your team as a guest?! It has to be! I don't know of anyone else until after Baschie comes into the picture.

    Oh and the dungeons do get quite annoyingly long as the game continues...trust me.:(

    It's a good game though!
  • it definetly is one of the best