I'm stuck ps1 abe's exodus disc 2 Barracks
  • Can someone please help me I have done a Robert the Bruce but I can get no further!
    abe exodus
    disc 2
    slig Barracks
    door 3
    slig bunks
    last section... D...stuck here
    There is a yellow and black barrier on the top ledge and one keeping in the pantless sligs, on the ledge below. There isn't a lever to open the bariers so I can't get to the D wheel to turn it, therefore I cant get out of the main door and back into the main barracks area.
    I love Abe me :wub:
  • Constantly surprises me how many we get looking for help on these older games. B)

    In Suite D, say "Sorry" to the angry Mudokon up top. Leave him in place, then go down to the lower level and have him "Work" the lever. Chant to possess the Slig, and have him talk to the Slig Voice Lock (low grunt, high grunt, low grunt, low grunt, laugh). Kill him. Bring everyone down, walk off-screen on the top left and come back in, then chant to save them. Exit this final suite. Go back up top and exit the block.
  • Thank you for your time and your reply but the problem is I cant get into door D
    I havn't made myself clear.
    I've been in A B & C sections and doors and I am in the section right at the top where I need to turn the wheel marked D to open door D and save the mudokans.
    In this section there is a slig on the top ledge,which I have killed with a bomb, and a yellow and black metal barrier but no lever to open it. Below that is another barrier preventing me from getting to the wheel. Inside this barrier are pantless sligs but still no lever to open the barriers. Untill I turn this last wheel D, the D door will not open. The main door out has 3 green lights but until I have got through D section the last light will not blink and I cant get back out into the main barracks...I hope this is clear.
    P.S. I am new to PS. I bought my PS1 for
  • Allrighty then- here's what to do to open Suite D.

    Back where the wheel to open suite C is located grab a grenade and sneak back to the right. Use the grenade on a slig then grab another to blow up the chant protector on the next screen to the right. Now, posess the naked slig (naked?? :eek: :o ) and move him onto the green button that control the big slam doors then have him press it. Once the other sligs grab their pants and shoot the naked guy you'll need to keep grabbing grenades and tossing them until they are all dead. You'll have free access to the wheel for suite D.
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